The Bordeaux 2008 En Primeur campain... Bargain?

For the top Chateaux, the 2005 vintage had set a new benchmark of pricing for the future. With demand going stronger than ever and the quality of the vintage being outstanding, the negociants knew they had to make the best out of it and prices started to climb up like a rocket in the sky! And in no time, a Chateau Ausone for example would sell at 6 times its price from the 2004 vintage!
For most buyers, 2006 en primeur was going to be hard, as most Chateaux produced excellent wines and prices were unlikely to go down, but on the days of release the negociants and producers lowered their prices as they new it would not be as easy as 2005.
Came 2007. A "bad" vintage for some, an "average" for others, many thought prices will go back to pre-2005's, but it only came down by 30% at most. Chateau Cheval Blanc for example, was 3 times more expensive in 2007 than it was in 2004!

It was in the 2008 En Primeur campain, that the real "bargain" would appear. Indeed, prices were not falling down as one would have liked, but they did hit a low unseen over the last 3 years and most of all, the vintage was pretty good!
Not to mention the obvious, the worldwide crisis was the main and probably the only responsible for this slow down. The usual buyers (Chinese, Americans, Russians, Japanese...) were very cautious and made things a lot harder for negociants.
As a result, everyone would beneficiate from this hit and I have listed below some of the wines that you should look for in the 2008 vintage, because of their decrease in value compare to 2005 vintage and their high quality:

Chateau La Conseillante 2008 (92-94+)
Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 2008 (RP98-100)
Chateau Cos d'Estournel 2008 (94-96+)
Chateau l'Evangile 2008 (RP93-95)
Chateau Haut-Brion 2008 (RP95-97)
Chateau Margaux 2008 (RP95-97)
Chateau Leoville Las-Cases (RP95-97+)
Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 2008 (RP94-96)

The most impressive of all, was Chateau Latour (RP96-98) at 2.8 times cheaper than 2005 and back almost to 2004 released price!

PS: In my opinion 2008 vintage will be a vintage to drink rather than invest.