Quentin's Tip : Opening a Bottle of Champagne

They are a few ways to open a bottle of Champagne. And when some may think of the "chivalrous" Knight Sword bottle neck's cutting or in today's world a large kitchen knife, there is in fact only one "good manner" to open a bottle of the beloved bubbly liquid.
The most important for me is to ensure no one gets hurt! After many years of watching people with a few drinks already finished, taking a bottle of champagne by the neck and "bang" the cork is flying into some one's face! Not a pretty picture.
So, to ensure everyone will be able to enjoy their favorite bottle, the most important is to always keep the bottle facing up to the ceiling and always keeping your thumb over the cork. This way no matter what happens, it won't happened fast and it won't happened in some one's face!
The first step is to remove the foil. Some may be easy to remove and others might give you grief. (No one I know has ever been able to remove the foil of a bottle of Dom Perignon in one piece!) Anyway, once the foil is removed we can move to the second step.
The metallic cage wrapped around the cork is meant to hold it into place as the pressure inside the bottle is about the same as the car tyre. Therefore, it is very important to unfold slowly the metallic cage and with your thumb securing on the top, you want to gently loosen the grip by pulling it from side to side until it come off on its own.
The next step is to remove the cork. most of the time, the pressure will push out the cork and all you need to do is to let it go slowly. (ensure not to let the big pop happen... it's a little much) If the cork does not move, then you will need to get some air in by twisting the cork clockwise and the bottle anti clockwise. Do not apply too much pressure on it, otherwise it might break.
If you are opening a really big bottle, such as 9 L or 15 L, it will be near impossible to open it this way. My suggestion is to break the top of the "mushroom" and using a corkscrew, pulling it out like a normal bottle of wine.
Once the cork has been removed with a "pcchhhh" start serving. Always the guest of Honor to taste, the ladies and then the rest of us, and finish by the person that tasted.
You may find sometime, the champagne is flat in one glass and not in another. This happens when they are some residual rinse additive on the inside of the glass. The reaction simply remove all the CO2 in the Champagne almost instantly. Always give a little polish with a dry, clean cloth before serving Champagne in the flutes.