White Grape : Chardonnay

Chardonnay is definitely the most widespread and famous grape in the world today. The wine connoisseurs are so in love with wines produced from this grape that Burgundy winemakers have to allocate their chardonnay Grand Crus rather than to sell them. Easy to grow and robust grapes, Chardonnay is suitable for any weather conditions and for any countries. Rich in sugar, it yields alcoholic wines with either a crisp and mineral style such as the Champagne region or a buttery, almost sweet style from the Burgundy region. Chardonnay is the white grape which suit the most with oak barrel ageing and its home, Burgundy is probably where we can find the finest examples. Its golden skin gives a natural wonderful dress to the white wines. This is indubitably a noble grape and produces arguably the finest white wines in the world. In cool climate, it may lack aromatic strength and piercing flavor. As a result it is used as a base for the blend of others wines.